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29. Dec. 2005
0.7 recompiled for Gaim 2.0.0Beta1 : 0.7 for Gaim 2.0.0Beta1.
14. Jul. 2005
Current version is 0.7.
23. Mar. 2005
Current version is 0.6.

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GAIMnOSD is a plugin for GAIM allowing to print events outside of any windows in TV menu style. The plugin uses the XOSD library for output. It allows setting the size, position and the color of the notification messages.
News and Events
29. Dec. 2005
Recompiled the 0.7 for the Gaim 2.0.0 Beta1.
14. Jul. 2005
Stripped the HTML markup out of the message. Added a debian package.
23. Mar. 2005
OSD of the incoming messages was made to spawn on several lines.
Thanks to Germain Masse for sending in the patch.
10. Jan. 2005
OSD of the incoming messages was made to include the name of the sender, not the name of the receiving account.
Thanks to Nikolay Kolev for spotting that.
07. Jan. 2005
The incoming messages now have the name.
22. Dec. 2004
Added support to print incoming messages as OSD notifications.
Thanks to Ildar Shaynurov for the idea.
2. Nov. 2004
Fixed the spec file so it refects the correct GAIM version.
30. Oct. 2004
Made a proper packaging.
04. June. 2004
Launched the new website.
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